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Questions sur les produits

What is the daily routine for all the medications?

The daily routine of the Benoquin Products is STRICTLY 3 times DAILY an application, WITHOUT any failure !!!
To speed up the process in skin whitening Benoquin should be applied than 4 times daily instead of 3 times daily.
Regarding Hydroquinone, this should be used STRICTLY 2 times DAILY (application 1 time in the morning and 1 time in the evening, 1 hour BEFORE going to bed)

NOTE : in case salat (wadhu / guzl /ritualbath) is made for prayers the user should apply the requested products again obviously.

Is it true the Hydroquinone 10% should only be used in hospitals?

In case 10% injectables (this is the highest concentration Hydroquinone injectables approved for I.V. or I.M) is administrated, it should be done by a certified nurse or preferable in the Hospital.
Now, there are several users especially in South Africa, they are administrating them self with the 10% Hydroquinone injectables.
Just for your kind information: I.V. stands for Intra-Venues (this is injecting into thenerves, which is very effective).
I.M. stands for Intra Musculair (this is injecting into the muscles, mainly used by users who are too sensitive for the I.V. (pain / blue marks etc...

it it a bleaching agent or is it whitening agent?

Benoquin is a WHITENING / DEPIGMENTATION agent. (see attached photo results of our distributor in Switzerland, he used benoquin 60%)
Hydroquinone is a LIGHTENING agent which is actually used byphotographers just to develop the paper photos (old method).
Difference is: hydroquinone is NOT permanent in results + it has a LOT of negative side effect, Benoquin is SAFE and is PERMANENT in results.
Hydroquinone is classified in the pharmaceutical industry as ’’POISON’’ this as Hydroquinone will cause on a certain time frame (IF used longer than 6 months NON-stop) on the skin the following negative side effects:

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