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ICN PURE Benoquin /
Monobenzone Cream

- Jars / Tubes
- Pills
- Hydroquinone cream
- Tosha cream
- Soap

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MAC-SHIFA Pvt. Ltd. was established on 20 September 1998.
Professor Shifa bought the shares of ICN-Pharmaceutical in 1998.
Department Monobenzone was now in hands of Professor Shifa.
Professor Shifa Born 02 May 1961 inRiyadh (SAUDI ARABIA), the FIRST ladies / Arabian Professor
who is the owner of a company (Laboratory) with an annual revenue of USD 2.000.000,- and 56 Employees up to date.
MD Khan Rahman responsible for Patients with URGENT issues in our clinics / Prescriptions / Staff matters - Human Resources / supply Hospitals and distributors.
MAC-SHIFA Monobenzone Pvt. Ltd has distributors in Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, USA, Saudi Arabia,
Africa and South America.
Main Markets: Hospitals / Dermatologists / Vitiligo Research Centers / Derma Clinics / Distributors Worldwide / Beauty Parlors.


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